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4000 Energy Plus Siding

Window World 4000 Energy Plus provides additional energy efficiency and a beautiful finish.

Energy Plus SidingFeatures & Benefits:

  • Increases R-value (resistance to heat flow) to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer with less energy usage
  • Allows moisture vapor to escape for a healthy, dry wall assembly
  • Exclusive TriBeam® construction delivers superior rigidity, for straight and even walls
  • Increases impact resistance for long-lasting beauty – prevents sagging, bowing and denting
  • Rolled-edge nail hem ensures superior performance in any climate and weather conditions
  • Lifetime Transferable Warranty


Energy Efficient.

Window World 4000 Energy Plus Siding features a contoured insulating underlayment designed to fill in the gaps left behind with traditional non-insulated siding. Its premium 1-1⁄4″ thickness is designed to provide an extra blanket of protection versus traditional siding.

Premium Durability.

4000 Energy Plus SidingThe contoured insulating underlayment is engineered specifically for Window World 4000 Energy Plus Siding. Together they deliver 5 times more impact resistance than conventional siding. The result is a siding system designed to withstand not only typical ‘around the house’ accidents, but also Mother Nature’s worst.

Peace of Mind.

Window World 4000 Energy Plus Siding, with a Perm Rating of 5, is designed to not trap moisture, but allow your exterior walls to breathe. In addition, an organic additive deters termites from nesting behind your siding, yet is non-toxic and safe for humans and pets. Plus, Window World 4000 Energy Plus Siding is backed by a lifetime, limited transferable warranty — including fade and hail protection.

Exceptional Performance.

4000 Energy Plus SidingAn exceptional siding is one that not only provides durability, energy efficiency and protection, but most importantly, looks beautiful for a lifetime. Window World’s 4000 Energy Plus insulating underlayment adds strength and support, providing straight and true course lines, not the wavy or flimsy appearance sometimes associated with low-grade siding.


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