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2000 Series Vinyl Siding

Easy-care, convenience, great quality, and rich curb appeal, at an easily affordable price.

2000 Vinyl SidingFeatures & Benefits:

  • 4-½’’ clapboard and dutch lap profiles
  • .040 thickness
  • Natural cedar grain texture
  • Low-gloss finish for look-of-paint appearance
  • Requires a mere occasional rinse
  • Lifetime Transferable Warranty

Improve Your Home For Less

Conquest Vinyl Siding 2000 is an affordable solution to your home’s exterior. The 2000 series is competitively priced and expertly manufactured, allowing you to upgrade your home with an efficient product for less!

2000 Vinyl SidingEasy-Care Maintenance

Not only is our Conquest series affordable, but it also demands very little maintenance. A top rolled nail hem and durable interior ensures all-weather performance, while the natural cedar grain texture requires a mere occasional rinse with a garden hose to sustain its beauty.

2000 Vinyl SidingColor Options That Wow

14 different colors are available for our Conquest 2000 Vinyl Siding. Each hue is formulated with a low-gloss solution to maintain an authentic, look-of-paint feel that meshes flawlessly with the natural cedar grain texture and sharp shadow lines.

Warranty Options

Conquest Vinyl Siding products are backed by a lifetime limited warranty to ensure the quality and performance of your siding.


Learn More About Our 2000 Series Vinyl Siding!

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